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Have some good friends who enjoy the AM segment of 75. Wanting to join in,
(have a 75-S1 and 32-S1) I was anticipating finding a Johnson Ranger to use
on AM when I found the above attachment on the Collins Reflector.  The
"modification" is simple and "easily installed and/or removed" without any
more disturbance than recapping etc. Although the article is listed on the
Collins site I have found no one who have experimented with this.  Yes, I
know, S-Lines were all about leaving AM behind but it would be so sweet to
get on the air with the 32 for a bit of fun...  I have no intention of
selling my rig as it is something to enjoy and not an investment for me so
my only concern is that it works well and does no harm...

Any advice or comments would be most welcome.


Jerry Ostermiller

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