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I used to have a 32s-1 that had the AM mod ( done by a previous owner).
Worked fairly well as I remember but can't recall what the schematic for circuit looked like
Sold it years ago so I can't look under the hood to help you circuit-wise.


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On Jul 17, 2013, at 6:34 PM, Jerry Ostermiller <j.lee.ostermiller@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Have some good friends who enjoy the AM segment of 75. Wanting to join in,
> (have a 75-S1 and 32-S1) I was anticipating finding a Johnson Ranger to use
> on AM when I found the above attachment on the Collins Reflector.  The
> "modification" is simple and "easily installed and/or removed" without any
> more disturbance than recapping etc. Although the article is listed on the
> Collins site I have found no one who have experimented with this.  Yes, I
> know, S-Lines were all about leaving AM behind but it would be so sweet to
> get on the air with the 32 for a bit of fun...  I have no intention of
> selling my rig as it is something to enjoy and not an investment for me so
> my only concern is that it works well and does no harm...
> Any advice or comments would be most welcome.
> Regards,
> Jerry Ostermiller
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