Re: {Collins} SA-13/U - DPDT knife switch.

Two antennas (Trailing and fuselage to tail - let's say) and two
transmitters or receivers. The antennas connect to the two poles. The two
rigs to one end of the "X"......Throw the switch, you switch antennas on
both rigs.

That was the common configuration.


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I have one of these, as seen in the photo above the operators head on p.35
of the CCA Q2 2013 and showing in a couple of photos here: anyone tell me how the diagonal
cross wires from opposite posts were used.It looks like all elements would
have been active when switched on.Wounder if it was some kind of phasing
scheme?Trying to think how I might use it as is with an antenna
system.Regards, Rudy Littrell. 		 	   		  

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