Re: {Collins} 75S3B PTO Problem

Stan,  I've used both of these repair guys and can recommend both : 

Steve Berman, N6HK 
24031 Sage Ave. 
Tehachapi, California 93561 
Phone: (661) 822-6850 
Contact Email: n6hk@xxxxxxxxxxx 

Peter Wittenberg, K2LRC 

Phone:  410-295-7064 
Fax:  410-295-7064 

Web Site: 
Contact Email:  k2lrc@xxxxxxxxx 

Last Spring I had to pull the PTO and relube the shaft as it basically stopped turning due to a combination of old dried out grease and I think the dried out grease was trying to pull the felt washer into the ferrite.  I'm not Joe Mechanical either but I was able to do it successfully and although I was on pins and needles as I did it, it was a fabulous learning experience.  There is a PTO rebuild article somewhere on the CCA reflector and I used that for guidance. 

73, Scott WA9WFA

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