{Collins} R388 Progress

OK, adjusted trimmer marked XTAL as suggested offline. Only managed to get around 1 KC of shift, if that much. It wasn't alot.

Aligned BFO, Aligned calibrator with WWV on 15 MHz. The fiducial is dead center on 2 MHz. 

Still out some bands. It is off on band 1.

Will make a record of which is which and likely just move the KHz dial to split the difference. I do not want to buy crystals if I can avoid it. If it is one or two, maybe, but not a whole batch.

Also replaced 100 PF cap for the AVC issue. Signal meter needle is not going full scale anymore, but rests at around 1/3 of full scale on signal meter. I assume the other 100 PF will need replacing as well.

Getting close. I am almost to the point of "is this good enough".

Philip KA4KOE

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