{Collins} Collins Round Emblem equipment for sale

I am selling my Collins  Round Emblem station in separate pieces. I really want this to go to a collector, not a speculator on eBay.

Please email me for photos or other questions.

Prices are for pickup or I will double box and you pay shipping from 34113.

Here is what I have (all are CCA very good condition or better except for 312B4);

KWM2 SN 14135, purchased 3/13/69. New tubes and caps 2001. One small scratch on top front rim and small scratches is side holes. I have a full set of NOS replacement tubes I will throw in also.

Comes with 516F2 SN 58847 New tubes and caps 2001. $900.

30L1 SN 2094, new caps, tubes and WN4I Diode board 2002. I have a full set of matched NOS Taylor 811A’s I will throw in also.  (I think I have the original diode/cap board but need to open the boxes to check). $750.

312B4 SN 71833 Has original shipping container and is in CCA Excellent condition $225

Spare case for 516F2 with front panel and feet but no emblem. $70
Astatic D-104/TUG8 microphone with Collins connector. $95

Craig Black

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