{Collins} 75S3B PTO Problem

       Hi Guys
 The PTO drifts for about 45 minutes until it settles down.
 The Receiver moves up about 5 Khz. from cold to wormup.
 I have a Freq. counter watching the VFO Out put.
 The PTO starts at 2.967Mhz and drifts to 2.7013Mhz.
 I tried a new 6AU6 but that is not the problem.
 Once it is wormed up it is quite stable.
 Wayne does not want to work on my PTO.
                   Stan K6RMR

  Stan what's the problem ?


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  > Can any one tell me who the best person is to
  > send my 75S3B Receiver to for rebuilding
  > my PTO. I am a good Electronics Tech but
  > not good with Mechanical Problems.I am afraid
  > of braking something removing the PTO and those
  > parts may be dificult to replace. I need someone
  > who has done this many times.
  >                      Stan K6RMR
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