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Subject: {Collins} SM-2 mic gauze

Has anyone found a suitable supplier for the gauze on the SM-2 microphone? I have one here with a hole in the gauze and it looks awful. I can form the shape just need the material.
73 Max

I am not familiar with this particular microphone but the grill material used will vary with age. What you want is a smooth or hard weave. RCA used voile which is an unsized cloth made from cotton or a blend but nylon or rayon will work as well. If you have any of the original material you can take a sample to a Jo-Ann or other fabric shop and find something similar. The idea of the hard weave is that fluffy cloth tends to block high frequencies. Some manufacturers, like Electro-Voice, used stainless steel mesh. I don't know of a source for this but usually it does not disintegrate and can be straightened.

Richard Knoppow
Los Angeles

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