Re: {Collins} Schematic drawing software

I'll add my $0.02 and agree with both Tom & Don. Over the years I've
used about every CAD program there in my professional work. I have 3
professional CAD programs including a full licensed copy of AutoCAD 2004
on my PC here, but for just doing schematics for small projects my
program of choice is ExpressSCH/ExpressPCB.

If you're looking for a program with a bit more capability than
ExpressSCH/PCB, I'd highly recommend TurboCad. Amazon has a a few copies
of TurboCAD 2D/3D Version 17 (which is the version of TurboCAD I have
here) for about $30.00 (which is a real steal - the current Version 20
sells as a downloaded version for $100.00).

Bill Bowen

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> Date: Sun, July 21, 2013 12:56 pm
> To: "William H. Bowen" <bowenw@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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> I agree with Tom. I've used  ExpressPCB and ExpressSCH schematic and PCB 
> layout software. It is free and easy to use. You will have to create tube 
> symbols, but that is not difficult.
> I also use PSpice, but if all you want is schematic capture, I'd go with the 
> ExpressPCB software.
> Don, W5QN
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> From: Tom Lewis
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> There also is ExpressPCB & ExpressSCH
> I have used it for schematic capture but not the board layout part.
> 73 Tom, N4TL
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