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Hello Steve,
I do have three RU-20 which is the PRC-515 supplied to the Yugo army.
It was built by Collins Canada and has serbocroatian panel lettering. One of these has the digital head. It did not notice any rf feedback. 
As far as I know there are at least two different suppliers/designs of the digital heads. One is made by Zlatko 9A6SUE in Croatia and the other by Mirco S52PC in Slovenia.
Do you know who made your's? If you mail me a picture I can probably identify the supplier.
I met Zlatko a couple times at various swapmeets and visited him in January 2013. He also supplies a digital control for the HF-8010/HF-8050/HF-8054. His newest design also controls the VBFO.
vy 73 Heinz DH2FA, KM5VT

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> Hi all  ,has any one experience with the prc 515 man-pack after market digital control head?
> This man-pack performs very well with the standard control head as you would expect from collins.
> But there is a lot of rf feedback when the digital control head is used.
> Any pointers please?
> Cheerio from Steve VK 4VN
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