{Collins} Air clearance around Collins gear

After finally gathering a few Collins pieces I am needing to add new radio
'slots' to my existing operating desk. In my initial layout I have tried to
incorporate a few extra inches of air space around the gear (32S3, 75S3C,
30L1, KWM2A, 75A4) but have begin to think it is not enough. Horizontal
space is limited so vertically stacking the equipment "three high" on
individual shelves is a must.

I'd welcome comments on what are recommended and or typical minimum air
clearances above and to the sides of this tube gear, especially around the
32S3 transmitter.  I will probably locate the 30L1 on the top shelf where
there are no sides or top above it. (the shelves are wood by the way)

I can exhaust air directly out the wall behind the desk so I do have the
opportunity to add vent/cooling fans.


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