{Collins} Help With Pricing and Selling Collins Items

Hello Collins Friends,
I am asking for some guidance and help in selling my terminally ill friend's Collins equipment. He's got several receivers and I don't know where to start. I know you have a standard for setting the condition, etc. What is it I should be looking for in the equipment that a buyer wants or needs to know? Let me list what I do know:
75A-4 working condition 51S-1 rack mount - working condition (I think?). It looks great (but I may not be looking in the right place.)R-388 - resting on it's side - condition unknown(2) 51J-4 - resting on their sides - condition unknown516F-2 - rack mount - looks great! no scratches - trim ring is yellowing.
I am able to take high resolution close-up photos of any areas of interest if that will help you help me.
Thanks in advance,
73,Dave - W6TE 		 	   		  

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