Re: {Collins} Cleaning solutions

I have not had any stencil problem on the chassis with Simple Green diluted
at least 2:1 and I have used Krud Kutter full strength on Q-tips and have
not had any black stencil or stamp markings come off but I don't rub at all
- just brush it on and rinse it off.

I would search the reflector archives as there have been lots of past
threads on this topic.

73 Jerry

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I noticed some black silk-screen chassis stencil degradation last chassis I
cleaned using Simple Green diluted 3:1 (water:SG).  Are there other options
such as Dawn applied using a spray bottle that would be better choices?
What is the best for nicotine to just "roll off"?  What's best for the face
Too bad we no longer have access to Freon 11 tanks, tri-chlor or Carbon-tet.
I already know what Windex does to Heathkit panels.

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