{Collins} Restoration Paint Questions

Greetings to the list.
In the early days of my membership, the association published Tech Notes, or something like that, several of which dealt with restoration techniques and supplies.  I have looked for those on the web site but have been unable to find them.  Are they still available, and if so, where?
Several years ago I started restoring a 30S-1 which was in pretty bad shape.  I used the only paint recommendation I could find at the time, but it was too flat.  Re-reading the Tech Note I discovered that it was recommended to overcoat the paint with a gloss spray. Further, the paint stayed soft for a long time and scratched easily so I went looking for alternate paint technologies.
The first set, the one I described above was made by Pittsburgh, and I have mixes for S-Line cabinets and trim rings:
Cabinet - Semi-Gloss Oil Midtone mixing base 27-160 with tint B-34 and C-12
Trim Ring - Low Lustre Oil White and Pastel mixing base 20-110 with tint B-10, C-12
As I said, this cabinet mix was soft and too flat for my taste.  As a result I bought, at different times, some more paints but never used them.
Another Pittsburgh formula set was based on Gloss Oil:
Cabinet - Midtone mixing base 54-150 with tint B-34 and C-12
Trim Ring - Pastel mixing base 54-410 with tint B-10, C-12
Front Panel (????) - Pastel mixing base 54-410 with tint B-11, C-4
I don't know what this mix is for, but I'm guessing front panel.  I never opened these cans as my 30S-1 project got stalled for other things that needed doing.
And finally, I have some paints based on Benjamin Moore Alkyd Low Lustre Enamel
"Face Gray" - Ultra-Base C225-4B.  marked 2121-10 (standard tint?)
"Dk Gray" - Medium Base C235-2B with tints YW 7-1/2, OY 1-1/2, BK 22, GY 7
"Lt Gray" - Medium Base C235-2B with tints OY 6-3/4, BK 7, GY 11
I'm guessing that "Face Gray" is front panels, "Dk Gray" is cabinets, and "Lt Gray" is trim rings but I haven't opened the cans.
What paint chemistry has anyone used to refinish S-lines with that they were happy with?  
Does anyone recognize the last set of Benjamin Moore mixes, and what are they for?
Now that I'm retired, I'm ready to restart my 30S-1 restoration but I don't want to paint it more than one more time and I'd like the color and gloss to be a close as possible to the original.
Thanks and 73,

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