{Collins} Wild goose chase II



I'm the owner/operator of KW-1 S/N 54. Many months ago I posted that my KW-1
did not have the original UTC HV transformer, but instead had a perfectly
adequate Chicago transformer (a catalog item) as was used in the Johnson
Desk Kilowatt. I said that for the sake of authenticity and the owner's
psychological needs, I was searching for a UTC original which was a
non-catalog special for the Collins KW-1 by UTC.  Believe it or not, thanks
to K1TLI and many others, I have actually found and installed such a


Now I have a second transformer problem. It appears that KW-1 T-402 Collins
P/N 662-0066-00 has "given up the ghost". This transformer supplies the
300VDC LV system, two 5VAC rectifier filament windings and a center-tapped
6.3VAC filament winding. Though the thought of a parted-out KW-1 somewhere
is very painful, I am posting this need on the list.  Sympathy is not,
however, necessary because Gary, WZ1M has already said he can re-wind T-402
if I can not find a replacement. 






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