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My understanding is that it helps to know what neutralization capacitor your M2 or 32S has, either ceramic or air variable.  Again I understand that 6146's and 6146A's should work in all 32S and M2's regardless of neutralization cap.  And that 6146B and W's may work with ceramic neutralization caps, but should work fine with air variable neutralization caps.   

Both my earlier 32S and M2A had air variable caps so I replaced the finals with 6146W's with success and they lasted for 10-12 years, sold them but I"m sure the tubes are still running.  I have not had any experience with 6146B's and W's with ceramic trimmer neutralization caps so I am only passing on what I've read over the years.

73, Scott WA9WFA

On Nov 2, 2013, at 9:15 AM, N4BE_Jim <N4BE_Jim@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Resending this as it apparently didn't make it first time...
> I'm sure this has been debated a lot already. .. but... what is the most appropriate final for S-line and KWM2 ... 6146B? 6146W? Others? And who is a reputable source? I need a pair. 
> Thanks
> Jim N4BE
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