Re: {Collins} 516F-2 Bias Pot/Help

Could be also your filter capacitor in the negative bias supply is faulty, then you don't have enough negative voltage. Check C6, R8, R10, C7.

Have you measured voltage at pin 4 (-55 upto -80V?.)

Guillermo - LU5WE.

El 03/11/13 13:34, Charlie Hugg escribió:
My 516F-2 Power Supply won't let me adjust the bias of my 32S-3 to
the required 40 ma s. The lowest I can get is 90 ma s. I had this
problem a few years  back and changed the  bias  control pot for one
that had more range of adjustment. Does anyone know the value of a
replacement pot that will give me more range of adjustment on my bias
and where I can get one? Thanks, Charlie Hugg K5MBX

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