{Collins} KWM-2 in blackface

A couple weeks ago I captured a KWM-2A with a black face and cabinet. It looked like a refugee from 11 Meters in the Ebay pictures.  I now have it and find lots of interesting variants from the traditional KWM-2A.  The front panel was absolutely manufactured black with the escheons for the knobs gray. Except for the tuning and the compound knobs  like tune/load which are original Collins style, the rest are a different design, maybe a clue here. I have 70s Modulation Monitor from Harris that uses this exact knob. The trim ring was brush!!! painted silver  but there is no trace of any other color under that and it cleans up a very nice stainless, where the metal rings stainless? The cabinet was built black in nooks and crannies it is black black black. The S/N is mid 12000s so that dates it at about 1963  it has a Cedar Rapids ID label inside and is of course winged emblem.  Does anybody know what this is all about? I have pictures if you wish to see them, guaranteed this paint job was not done on a kitchen table; that is except for the ring that was done with somebody's nose...   Ted WA8ULG

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