Re: {Collins} What's this label on my 32S-1?

That is exactly what it is.  I have an old 1959 KWM-2 that was updated with the current mods of the day in 1971 (plug in relays etc).  The sticker is on the rear lower center of the cabinet and it is black and white with the meatball logo and says Product Support Operations and the date.  Yours was possibly updated or repaired as the the date on your sticker.

> Date: Mon, 4 Nov 2013 09:17:36 -0600
> From: ka4gav@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
> To: collins@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Subject: {Collins} What's this label on my 32S-1?
> I purchased a 32S-1 from a SK over the weekend.  When I got it home had 
> a chance to look at it, I noticed a Collins sticker on the rear of the 
> cabinet that I have never seen before, nor mentioned.
> It has the Collins meatball and Product Support Division, and Processed 
> by Modification Repair Center.  There's a box for writing something, but 
> either nothing was written, or it has worn off.  Does this label mean 
> that the transmitter was returned to Collins for SB mods?  I haven't 
> opened the transmitter to see if anything has been done.
> Today I smoke test !
> Thanks,
> Bill
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> Bill Turini
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