Re: {Collins} Antenna relay fro KWS-1 do I need the missing orig or!?Advice??

Hi Ed,

You do not need the "original" KWS-1 relay and harness though it is nice if
you can find the factory assembly with P-102 included.

Since you don't have that, the relay is operated by 115 VDC across pins 4
and 9 of P-102 as shown on page 2-3 of the KWS-1 manual. The key line
interlock normally provided by the external contacts on the coax relay go to
pins 11 and 13 of P-102.

What I've done at times which enables you to use any voltage coax relay is
to first find any garden variety 115 VDC relay, preferable DPST or actually
any combination of contacts will do. Wire the coil across pins 4 and 9. Then
you can connect your coax relay across one set of the DPST contacts with any
appropriate voltage from an external source to key the coax relay of your

Though the second set of contacts on the 115 VDC DPST relay can be used to
close the key line interlock, it is safer to use a set of external contacts
on the coax relay to do this job, much like the typical Dow-Key relays often

Though I can't find the documentation, Tony, K1KP published a way to remove
the rectifier diode from the KWS-1 115 VDC supply and use a 115 VAC relay.
One has to be careful doing that so as not to damage the contacts on K-101
which would turn a nice day bad very quickly.

Best wishes with your KWS-1 and enjoy it!

73, Roger, NJ2R

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OK  aside  form the missing   power cables  for  the  KWS-1   we  find 
there is also a  cable  with  a relay!?  do we need an orig. one   or  where
 I  get it or the info  and how can I lash something together....   that is 
One came up for sale  on the  list  a week or so  ago  but I   did not know 
that we needed one!  Any advice,drawings  links  etc... appreciated!
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