Re: {Collins} KWM2/2A manuals

The 1978 manual documents all changes made up to 1978 (see Section 7). It's actually beneficial to use this later manual, because:

1. Your radio may contain changes, particularly service bulletins, that wouldn't appear in a 1963 manual, and

2. There may be some mods that you want to put in -- either to fix a problem that comes up, or because the resulting improvement makes it worth doing (for example, SB8).


On 2013-11-13 5:02 PM, W2APF wrote:
How much change happened in KWM2/2A manuals from 1962-1978?  I have just acquired a very early KWM2A from 1963 without manual and noticed that the one in the archives is from 1978.  We're there many changes over the 15-16 years?

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Thaire. W2APF

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