{Collins} 'Reply all' V 'Reply' postings - ref Brown resistances

Hi folks,

The 'Reply' and 'Reply all' functions are simply a feature of the various client email programs available.

When responding to a post, I ask myself two qns:
1. Is my response likely to be of interest to the greater group; or
2. Is my response more of a 'personal note' to the person who made the original post, such as sharing serial nos on our KWM-1s.

If it's a #1 response, then 'Reply all' makes sense. If it's a #2, then 'Reply' makes sense. I would hate to burden everyone with some of the minutae I share with other members of the reflector, as it's not relevant to most of the group - and yes, it is a judgement call.

My biggest complaint with listserve is it's inability to provide a single summary of the day's emails. Must confess the archives 'search' process does cause me some grief at times, but that's often because a thread develops and heads off into (almost) unrelated issues - such as this has become, thus my new 'Subject' line.

As members we need to exercise a degree of responsibility in our posts. We need to use feedback/questions - such as the post by John (below) to summarise the responses as a 'Reply all'. Yes, this does take time and effort, but it allows dissemination and generation of a 'permanent record' of material which is often hard to find.

I for one would be reticent to support a system where my every response to an individual post automatically became a 'Reply all'.

Steve VK2LW
CCA AC08-12211

On 16/11/2013 8:45 AM, Bob Young wrote:
I think I remember Bill saying several months ago that something had been changed by the listowner (or something like that) and that it was beyond his control,

Bob Young

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So do I.

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I agree with sentiments expressed below.
Carl VK3EMF.

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I concur Richard and John. We miss a lot of good info when messages that
should be of interest to ALL are handled in private with the "reply" button.
It is a little irritating.

"The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are
willing to work and give to those who would not."
- Thomas Jefferson

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Can you or the others post their replies so that we may all share in the


Unfortunately, the powers that be have configured the list so that
hitting the reply button goes _only_ to the original poster rather than to
the list and to the archive. One must hit _reply all_ or whatever its called
on your mail client to get to the list. I have complained about this before
and told to shut up but I will bet there is a treasure of information that
should have gone to the archive that isn't there.


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