{Collins} Concerning DC relay coil for KWS-1, please read.

Greetings to the list
I am preparing an Aemco 110 vdc coaxial relay without the external contacts, 
to accept an outboard 110 vdc relay that I fastened to the body. The two coils
will be wired in parallel in order to activate the RX muting etc...
The Aemco coil meaaures 5k, and the PB unit measures 11K.

Question: Is there any convention or concern I should consider here with regards
to impedance? Shunt diode across terminals? 
This pertains to the GDT's that belong to K6KVI who is preparing for the 2nd annual
GDT challenge coming soon. This is a significant pair as they once belonged to 
UC Berkley and has a rather storied background. Getting them on the air for the
challenge is paramount.

Come to think of it, ALL GDT's have a storied background, so much the better!
Thanks in advance.
Billy N6YW

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