Re: {Collins} 32S3 to 32S3A conversion kit

 Hi Art
Check with Hal at Land Air Communications.
Hal has a lot of used and new Collins parts.
                        Stan K6RMR

Thanks to all who responded to my email about the conversion kit from 32S3 to 32S3A . And thank you for very interesting ideas on alternative ways. I wonder if anyone could help me with parts other that the wafer switch and the crystal deck such as the 2 position switch and the Frequency Selector Frame . Im not a purist here but I still would like to maintain the look of the rig . The concept of switching the extra crystal bank is , by itself, very simple as it requires the additional 14 positions wafer and a 2 position switch which needs to be located ideally without drilling extra holes (unless for installation of the original conversion kit). For me drilling an extra hole (if not for the kit ) is a No-No .

So here is my question: is there anyone out there who has this external frame for the band selector laying around and this 2 position switch that switches between the crystal decks ? Any 32S3As, 75S3Cs or KWM2As taken apart ? . If so, please, pleeeease contact me. I want to operate my 32S3 in a separate mode with my 75S3C. I also have a very nice WE KWM2A sitting around doing nothing (as I am a CW op here) but I am not ready to canibalize this baby yet ... .

73 Art VE3PND

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