{Collins} FS: ELDICO T102 Transmitter (32S-* clone) for Restoration or Parts Donor

Hi All:

I have a great radio project for someone who has the time to undertake

This is an ELDICO T102 transmitter that needs some parts and some TLC.  Missing
is the PA cage cover and the crystals.  Otherwise it seems to be complete.  It's
really too complete to part out and I am hoping that someone will adopt this
puppy and restore it.  Cosmetically it is very good.

I am offering it to Collins collectors because it is quite clearly an S-Line
clone but of course not nearly as well made.  I understand the maker was trying
to get a military contract and compete with Collins Radio.  In fact Collins sued
the manufacturer and I believe they were forced to cease production.

I have a full Eldico station and was keeping this around only for parts but
since we have moved to much smaller quarters I am afraid there is just no room
for it and so it has to go.

The transmitter uses the same voltages as the 32S and KWM-2/2A radios so you
could easily make up an adapter power cord or, lacking that, use a Heathkit
power supply for the SB series transmitters.

I am asking $250.00 plus shipping for it.  If interested please reply by e-mail.


Michael, W1RC

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