Re: {Collins} Compression RCA connectors

On Nov 18, 2013, at 9:30 AM, Bill Carns <wcarns@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Joel and all.
> The use of adaptors going into the S-Line ceramic lined RCA jacks is HIGHLY
> discouraged.  (It breaks the ceramic)

I wonder if there are right angle adapters (RCA male to BNC female) that could be used along with fastening cable that’s the now parallel to the back of the radio firmly to the back of the case.

I’m at my boyhood home for a bit and just found what must be a phono preamp I made back then with two ceramic type RCA jacks in it.  So I seem to have a couple of spares.  Even though, I plan to be very careful with my S-line radio connectors.


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