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Many  thanks to Duncan at AWA  for his assistance   with   this  project!

The year was 1947... See the com center  for  Truman's plane with dual 
ART-13s !  Looks Crypto to me!  Gotta love the  ART-13 with the extra 
blower on 
it... we are trying  to find any other info on  this installation as well 
the other  uses of the Model 31  Teletype.

Can anyone shed light on the  Modded   ART-13   was this a one off or...  
there  there others with extra  blowers?   Curious!

An info on this command  post crypto  rig...
also if you have any other photos of this let us  know!

Any  corrections email me! it is the first offering. of this  model 31 
resource  page
and please if you have ANYTHING to add..  Please let
me know and send  it in I will add it!....
and if you  have the teletype from the  Truman
plane or one like it We would love  to buy it!


also - -  


Enjoy!  - Ed Sharpe Archivist for SMECC 
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