Re: {Collins} JFK Assasination 50th Anniversary

Little known to the public that day is that the military went on high high
alert and all traffic in NA was controlled.


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> I hope this is not off subject.

I have a small tale to add:

> ... Ray Rugerio and the
> other operators were providing back up relay service for AF1 as it flew
> President Johnson back to DC.

A bit later I was in Navy fight school and learned how to manage flight
plans on the radio.  You switch from Tower to the Center and confirm the
flight route by giving at least the first few navigation points and airways
routes to be flown.  The flight plan might include many route segments and
Navaid station names.  The AF1 conversation with the Air Traffic Control
Center that day sounded like this:

AF1:  "Center, Air Force One is off Dallas."

Center:  "Roger Air Force One. Cleared direct Andrews."


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