{Collins} Antenna help.

Hi all,

Even though this question is NOT directly related to Collins, I need an answer anyway.

Actually the answer MIGHT help to protect my 30S-1 from damage, or not.

Friday we were getting a whole lot of rain here in the Phoenix area (still are this whole weekend). One of the two trees that holds up my 20 meter dipole lost the limb that end of the antenna was hanging on (the limb got too heavy with rain water and broke off of the tree).

Now, my antenna is hanging from the other tree sort of like a vertical dipole.

So, since it is all well above ground level, is it save for my 30S-1 to send RF to the antenna.

I am really not well versed in antenna theory even though I have been in the electronics world for most of my life (engineering aide before I got into computer programming).

So, assuming I am "safe" asking this question, what is the answer?

Walt Cheatham K7CCA

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