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Good point and I confess to the RTFM suggestion I will investigate and even read Ted WA8ULG ----- Original Message ----- From: "Robert Thomas" <ve3tou@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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If you follow the recommended alignment sequence, you'll set the 80 meter trimmers to half capacitance, set the preselector to a specifie point on the dial, and adjust the slugs in the inductors. But, since you're getting low drive on 80, it seems likely that this procedure wasn't followed, so one of the slugs may be misadjusted. Perhaps you could fill the group in on this and other details.

If you're actually getting resonance within the range of a trimmer, you'll see two resonant peaks as you go through one full turn. If you see only a single peak, at minimum or maximum capacitance, then either the coil is at fault or misadjusted, or the mica capacitor in parallel with the trimmer is defective.


On 2013-11-24 3:23 PM, Ted Hartson wrote:
Me and Mr. Blackface KWM-2 are still dancing, works good on 20 marginal on 40 and NG on 80, Here's is my questions. I have read Glen Zook's story on taking apart the trimmers none of mine of frozen BUT is it possible for the trimmer to rotate and not go through its capacity range---like maybe the plated mica breaks loose? They look good to me no visible damage but no tune on 80 either. I have my HP 410C on the interface coax from the exciter rack to the grid of the 6CL6 on say 20 I get around 5 V RF and she's a boogie. Otherwise it has less than what seems to be the magic 5 V RF. I have not yet deoxit'ed (is that a verb?) the switch looks like a PIA to get the shaft out and the cans off. Ted WA8ULG

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