{Collins} Nomination of Paul Kluwe, W8ZO

I would like to nominate Paul Kluwe, W8ZO, for the CCA Board of Directors
position being vacated by Karl Bowman at the end of 2013.

Paul is a Past President of the Collins Collectors Association and has many
times served on the Board.   He is, without a doubt, one of the more
passionate collectors of Collins Radio historical material and a staunch
supporter of the objectives of the CCA.   He was temporarily derailed from
hobby activities several years ago by his involvement in a major spin-off
from GM during their bankruptcy.   Now that this activity is on solid
ground, he again has hobby time and has expressed his desire to run for the
board.   Paul has a sound track record of organization management and we
would be well served to have him on the Board.

If anyone cares to join me and second the nomination please do so by
posting your second to the nomination here on the reflector.

Thanks,    Jenks   K5YNZ

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