{Collins} KWS-1 ceramic trimmers stuck.

Hello to all Collins fans !!
I have been doing an alignment on my kws-1 and have found 2 stuck trimmers one on 20 meter band and one on 15meter band, both are the ones closest to the driver tubes 6cl6.
I tried some lateral force as per Butch K0BS video and this has not worked yet, tried to pry the two ceramic sections lightly too but to no avail.
Was wondering if a shot of component cooler on top ceramic might help to loosen due to slight contraction when being cooled? and to prevent future sticking is there
anything that can be applied to act like a lubricant?? like maybe silicon spray ?????  Last time aligned about 2 years ago I had no sticky trimmers. 
Many thanks ahead of time, And thanks to all who replied to my grounding problem / question about a month ago, the transmitter now has a grounded power cord / line,
It works with no problems.  John Bellas   KC2UVN.

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