Re: {Collins} kws-1 trimmers stuck

Ah, Murphy's law for electronic technicians: The suspect part(s) that will probably have to be replaced will be in the most inaccessible location on the chassis.

Jim ~ N5MSJ

On 11/25/2013 6:06 PM, bellasjohn497@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
Hello all Collins Collectors.
Had a look at under side of chassis where these two trimmers are located and they are not accessible without removing the band switch assembly wafer which is heavily wired at this point.
So it looks like a whole lot of work just to get to the bottom of these trimmers !! The trimmers are labeled as  C 267 and C 269 in the Schematic.
I may just decide to omit using the 20 and 15 meter bands on this transmitter if the alignment gets too far out, but all the other bands were quite close and very little adjustment was needed
on them and even these two bands the other trimmers needed little or no adjustment. I might try a drop of alcohol on the 15 meter band one and see if that helps at all.
Most other trimmers are fairly accessible from the bottom, but these two are a really buried under the band switch wafer. Many thanks to all that have responded so far.
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