Re: {Collins} CCA BOD Nomination of Dennis Kidder, W6DQ

Although I have only known Dennis Kidder W6DQ for about a year, through his
association with the West Coast Vintage SSB Round Table and the West Coast
Friday Night CCA Net, and finally meeting him on several occasions, I can
attest to his passion for the hobby, and his enthusiasm for Collins radios.
  His technical qualifications have already been noted, however possibly
even more important is his willingness and ability to follow through on
projects he commits to (such as the Maker Fair where he has enticed young
people to our great hobby), ensures he would be a great addition to the CCA
Board.   Just the kind of people we need active in the CCA.

I wholeheartedly endorse his nomination for a seat on the CCA BOD.

73 Dave WI6R
Visit my shack at

On Mon, Nov 25, 2013 at 11:45 AM, Pete Zilliox <pete@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I would like to nominate Dennis Kidder, W6DQ, for the CCA Board of
> Directors.
> Dennis was first licensed in 1969 as WN6NIA, then soon after WA6NIA.  He
> received his BSEE and first worked in the "live sound" industry, and moved
> on to Hughes Aircraft designing and building satellite control facilities,
> including a stint of duty at the new Hong Kong International Airport.
> Following that, he joined Raytheon to lead the certification efforts for
> multiple radio systems.  After a nearly 40 year career in engineering,
> Dennis retired in 2012 to pursue his interests in amateur radio.
> In 1969, Dennis bought his first Collins radio, a 75S-3 he still owns and
> uses regularly.  His collection of Collins radios has grown over the years
> to include many A-Line and S-Line pieces, a KW-1, Gold Dust Twins, a 30K-4,
> and a 550A-1 AM broadcast transmitter.  The early Collins years are
> included
> too, with 32F, 4A and 32RA transmitters.  The radio collection extends to
> many other manufacturer's  pieces dating back to the early 1900's.  Dennis
> has served as an officer or board member of several large amateur radio
> clubs.  Most notably, a Director, Vice President and three terms as
> President of The Associated Radio Amateurs of Long Beach (W6RO), as well
> as,
> serving as President of the San Bernardino Microwave Society, a highly
> technical group specializing in communications above 1000 MHz. He will make
> an excellent addition to the CCA Board of Directors.
> If anyone cares to join me and second the nomination please do so by
> posting
> your second to the nomination here on the reflector.
> 73, Pete Zilliox - K5PZ
> CCA#  AC98-00765
> Past CCA Board of Directors, Past CCA Membership Secretary
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