{Collins} 30S-1 loss of HV?

After occasionally "dropping out" (the red light DS-202 extinguishes and the
amp goes back into stand-by) during operation, the amp no longer came out of
standby although DS-202 did come on.   The time delay relay K202 appeared to
function normally but pressing the "on" button resulted in no HV indication
on the multi-meter.  After investigating the movement of HV relay K203, the
off button (now) doesn't illuminate anymore and the K203 relay doesn't
appear to move properly (e.g. stuck in the energized position but without
making proper contact with the contacts it should in that position.)  I
suspect the relay is the culprit.  Is that consistent with what I'm seeing
and is a replacement available? Can anyone suggest a course of action to
troubleshoot and will I need any special tools/instruments to do so.  I
understand that I'm dealing with lethal plate and screen voltages and so
want to be very careful with the repair.  I did check the HV supply fuses
F202 and F203 and they still have continuity.




Rob K1UI

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