Re: {Collins} lock for front door of 30S-1

I have a KWS-1 with a cabinet lock made by National Lock Company.  I would guess if Collins used them as a supplier in 1956 when my rig was produced, they possibly used them as a supplier when your 30S-1 was produced a few years later.

National Lock is now using the name, so go to their web site and search the link called STOCK LOCKS, on the far right of their web page.  You may very well find the exact item you need.

Chuck Curran. W9KR

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> On Dec 3, 2014, at 11:30 AM, Bob Szentimrey <w6wtj@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Looking to buy a lock with key for a Collins 30S-1. Heck, I will buy the lock alone.
> 73
> Bob Szentimrey
> w6wtj@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
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