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Here is what I have come to believe:

270G-1 had only unpainted stainless bars and a light colored grill.
270G-2 & 270G-3 had stainless bars painted black with a dark grill.

The 270G-1 was sold for the 75A-1.
The 270G-2 was sold for the 75A-2 & 75A-3.
The speakers sold for the 75A-4 were the 270G-2, but mostly the 270G-3 and the 312A-1.

I believe the 270G-1 size speaker was sold for the original 51J & 51J-2 receivers.
I think the larger 270G-2 size speaker was sold for the 51J-3 & 51J-4.
My LS-199 is a 270G-2 style with the sound deadening (R-388 & R388A).

Joe - KB9R

On 12/3/2014 2:57 PM, Nick England wrote:
I maintain a web page of ham rcvrs & "matching speakers"
Comments, corrections, etc are appreciated. References to an ad or catalog
are particularly helpful.

Below is the info I have gathered on 75A-x and 51J-x  speakers.
One remaining question is whether the 270G-1 (8" spkr) had only stainless
bars or also came in black?

Nick England K4NYW
The 270G-3 speaker (10") is listed as a 75A-4 accessory in the Collins spec
sheet here - most ads show the 312A-1

The 75A-3 spec sheet lists the accessory speaker as
"SPEAKER .external 10-in. speaker in matching cabinet;
Speaker cabinet 15 in. wide, 11-1/8 in. high, 9-1/8 in. deep." which sounds
like a 270G-3 or 270G-2 to me. $20 in 1952!

The 75A-2 spec sheet says 270G-2
"SPEAKER TYPE 270G-2 - An external 10 inch speaker, not furnished, is
available, mounted in a matching cabinet. The speaker cabinet measures 15″
wide, 11-1/8″ high, and 9-1/8″ deep overall. Weight 15 lbs."

The 75A-1 spec sheet days 270G-1
"MODEL 270G-1 SPEAKER - An external speaker is available, mounted in a
matching cabinet The speaker cabinet measures 13″ wide, 10-19/32″ high,
6-5/8″ deep and the speaker and cabinet weigh 9 lbs."
Also see

The 51J-4 spec sheet says
"Available on special order is a speaker that matches this cabinet. The
speaker’s dimensions are: width. 13 inches; height, 11 inches; depth, 7
which sounds like a 270G-1

The military AN/URR-23 is a 51J-1 or 51J-2 plus LS-175/U speaker
In the photo the cabinet looks 13" wide (8" spkr) so 270G-1

The military AN/URR-23A is a 51J-3 plus LS-199/U speaker
The cabinet looks 15" wide (10" spkr)

NOTE - a Navy catalog listing for the URR-23, -23A says both LS-175 and
LS-199 speakers are 15" wide (270G-3)
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