Re: {Collins} Anyone parting a 30L-1?

Noise on 160 Meters

It may have been there for a while, but last night and tonight, I just noticed a strange sweeping/buzzing noise on 160M, centered around 1915 kHz. It's definitely coming from outside my immediate location because it I just got off 1913 where it was reported to be S-9 in Wisconsin, Michigan & Tennessee. Looking at the panadapter & waterfall display on the Flex, it's about 30 kHz wide with a rep rate of about 3 CPS. It was S-9 late last night and early this morning, but barely audible at 0930 so I suspect it is propagation limited.

The best way to listen is in AM mode, tuned to 1915 kHz in the evening.

Anybody hear this at your location?

73, Charlie k3ICH

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