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Thanks everybody. I guess I should have mentioned, I haven't used this power supply. Should I try it first, bringing it up slowly on a variac, or do the rust procedure first?

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> Do not in any way shape or form (pure or in soap) use any more water...  Too
> much there already.  If you can pull it, I would start by baking it in a
> warm oven on low with the door open for a day.  If not this, put a sun lamp
> on it and let it sit 24 hours.
> Then, use a mild wire brush and wire brush as much of the rust off that you
> can get off.  Use a vacuum while doing this so the rust dust is contained.
> Then wipe the tranny laminates with lacquer thinner on a rag but not
> dripping..  Just clean up the laminate surface and be careful to not drip
> that thinner anywhere else.
> Now, go to Ace or Home Depot and buy some RUST REFORMING black Rust-O-leum
> paint and spray it out into a container and carefully brush it into and on
> the laminate edges.
> This process will all get as much of the rust out that you are going to get
> out and then stabilize and seal the laminates..  Then pray that the water
> and rust is not down in there.
> I have done this many times and it does a great job and lasts for many
> years.
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> Gentlemen,
> Got one with a lot of rust on the iron. Best procedure? Naval Jelly? 
> Wash rust remover off with water? Then?
> Thanks,
> Bob W5GU
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