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I should be more specific, so as not to generate confusion regarding the
linage of the 451S-1..  It was an outgrowth of the Casper Program at Collins
which gave us the HF-80 program and then the HF/KWM-380 & commercial version
(the HF280 series) and then the 451S-1. The 451S-1 was kind of a branch of
its own....being neither HF directly related nor HF-80 directly related.
There was also the 851S-1 (and then Prototype 851S-2/2A) developed. This
receiver came out of the HF-80 work. The S-1 went to production in volume
but the S-2 and 2A never made it out the door.

In the Q4 2013 issue of the Signal (some 52 pages of Rockwell Collins and
Collins Radio info) you can read articles on this program and its resulting
equipment written by Dave Berner, the Business Development guy who
orchestrated the definition of this complex equipment genealogy, and Rod
Blocksome who was the Project Lead on numerous high power transmitters
involved.  Good stuff.


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The 451S-1 was developed and produced in very limited quantities in the
1980s as an evolution of the HF-80 program and era. There were only 10
manufactured in one run. A number of them are known to still exist. One is
in the Rockwell Collins Museum in Cedar Rapids. I believe there is one
proudly owned and used by the Rockwell Collins Ham Club there. Jim
Stitzinger, WA3CEX, has one and has shared many pictures and much info with
us and then there is this one on eBay.

It is a beautiful receiver. We are not sure what happened to the other 6

The receiver was featured in the CCA Signal Magazine in the Q1 2014 issue
(Centerfold) and information was presented in the list of significant
receivers manufactured by Collins over the years along with additional info.
It has been discussed or referenced in several other issues in one form or

Sorry you missed that Signal.

For those that are missing out, and for some reason there are many that
still have not "gotten the word", the Signal Magazine is no longer our
association black and white newsletter.  It is a full-fledged VERY HIGH
quality #80 Gloss UV Coated cover, #70 Book gloss page, full color and
typically in the 24 to 28 page range although it has run as high as 52 pages
during special years or editions. It is often described now as being one of
the best magazines in amateur radio. It is definitely not your "average club

It is yours for supporting the CCA that provides you with this reflector and
the website. A Bargain.

Enjoy the reflector and website and for those that have not decided to take
a look at the Signal, and support this effort in the process, we invite you
to take a look by joining us today. It's a great time to join since we are
about to mail the Q4 2014 issue and it has some great info in it.

Regards, and HAPPY HOLIDAYS.

Bill Carns, N7OTQ
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Wow, I never even HEARD of a 451S-1.   Was it ever put into production?
What year?
Love to learn more about it.


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> No one who ever had to work for a living can afford it but you might 
> want
to LOOK at the listing of a 451S-1 at you know where.
> It is truly beautiful and undoubtedly genuine Collins. 
> I wish I had that much money rolling around in my pocket!
> Gary
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