Re: {Collins} KWM-2 microphone feedback

Not to be facetious, but there is a saying about Collins rigs...  "Usually,
the thing that is wrong - is the last man in there".

Now, that being said in semi-jest, that kind of problem sounds like there IS
some RF moving around, or audio misdirected, and that in spite of "Not
having any relays closed", you are seeing at least part of the transmitter
lit up or at least some audio path messed with.  Me thinks that you need to
start by carefully checking the relay wiring... not the keying circuit, but
the switched wiring..  That is a very complicated area.


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Good morning all,  I have found a strange problem with my KWM-2 low audio on
the microphone. I thought I might of had a bad microphone so I tried my
spare and it was the same thing very low audio. I was looking at the
microphone and set it down by the speaker and it started to feed back very
strong through the speaker. The PTT was not depressed and the VOX was shut
off. I could speak into the microphone and here it on the speaker. The unit
was not in transmit at the time and no relays were closed. I had made
several contacts today with it and had good reports on the audio. Wattage
output was a little low around 60 watts and I did replace the two relays K2
and K4 recently. Any ideas where I should start looking?

Thanks John Nelson W0XAZ
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