Re: {Collins} KWM-2 Schematic

My father did something similar with an HW-101. He took the schematic and they
blew it up for him. Made it a pleasure to work on with the schematic hanging
over the work bench. 

If someone would happen to make a high quality oversized schematic for the
KWM-2, I would buy one.

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Hi John:

I recently had the same need for my project, restoring a KWS-1.  I found a
CD on ebay and purchased it.  This was the only source that had a manual
that covered my particular serial number range that I could find.

I took the CD to Office Max and they printed for me a large copy of the
schematic, approximately 20" x 58", don't remember the exact size and too
lazy to go down into the basement to look.  Since I was there, I had three
copies printed, all for less than $16.00.  I just looked on ebay and see
that there is a source for a KWM-2/2A CD, their user name being artekmedia.
Here is the link for their listing:

The printing process turned out extremely well and it sure made my repair
effort a project that did not include "eye strain".

You will need to calculate the original fold out schematic length to height
ratio.  Then apply this to the paper they have available to print on, say a
24" wide roll of paper for their copier.  They want YOU to tell them how
long to make the printing.  That is critical so that the circles end up as a
circle and not an egg shape!

Good Luck,

Chuck  W9KR

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G-Day All, I am looking for a KWM-2 schematic that I can have plotted.
Anyone have a PDF file or know where I can purchases one. Something much
larger than an 11x17 copy.

Thanks, John Nelson W0XAZ
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