{Collins} FW: How to fix sticky S meter?

Once upon a time, my KWM2-A S-Meter needle started sticking. It turns out
that the meter glass had loosened up and the needle was dragging on it. I
tightened the glass and it worked fine.

John P.

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Happy Holidays to everyone here.
The S meter on my 51J2, which is an old S Line S meter,  just started
sticking at the low end of its movement. 
A slight tap on the glass usually frees it, and if I turn the  mechanical
stop all the way to the right, letting the needle rest well above  zero, it
works ok.  But it's making me nuts.
As I haven't had an analogue meter apart lately, I thought before I did
anything heroic  I'd check for good advice, lest working right become the
enemy of working ok.
Thanks, Scott
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