Re: {Collins} How to fix sticky S meter?

Has anyone heard from Eldad recently?  I recall very recent postings on
another forum that attempts to reach him have not been successful.
73 Jerry

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Every time I have tried to "repair" a sticky meter I have made it worse. I
suggest you send it to Eldad, K2AB, for repair. He is fantastic - I have
sent him numerous meters over the years with excellent results. Contact him
at eldadben@xxxxxxxxx

He just repaired a sticky SX-42 S-meter for me.

Merry Christmas!

73, Bob

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> Happy Holidays to everyone here.
> The S meter on my 51J2, which is an old S Line S meter,  just started 
> sticking at the low end of its movement.
> A slight tap on the glass usually frees it, and if I turn the  
> mechanical stop all the way to the right, letting the needle rest well 
> above  zero, it works ok.  But it's making me nuts.
> As I haven't had an analogue meter apart lately, I thought before I 
> did anything heroic  I'd check for good advice, lest working right 
> become the enemy of working ok.
> Thanks, Scott

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