Re: {Collins} SOLD (Pending the usual) - Collins test remote control panel for RT323

Collins folks,

The panel is SOLD, pending receipt of funds and pick-up or shipping info.  I have 2 replies and will re-list if neither buyer completes the deal.  Thank you for your interest.

73, Dale

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>From: Dale <svetanoff@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>Sent: Dec 20, 2014 12:02 PM
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>Subject: {Collins} FS - Collins test remote control panel for RT323 - use as-is or for parts
>Collins Fans,
>Are you stuck in a quandary wondering what to get that CCA member who has "everything" made by Collins?  Well, it's doubtful that he/she will have one of these:
>A GENUINE Collins Remote Control panel for the RT-323.  (I am not familiar with the RT-323.  If anyone can enlighten me, please contact me off-list.)

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