Re: {Collins} Repaint / refinish KWM2A cabinet and trim ring

Your best bet is probably Howard Mills. I do not know for sure if he does
S-Line, but he does major A-Line and KWS-1 painting and powder coat, His
work is very good.

(304) 876-6483  He is in Harper's Ferry West Va.


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I realize this may be a borderline FAQ but I haven't seen it lately so I
thought I'd ask in case there is new information...

Looking for some recommendations on someone to strip and repaint (in the
correct Collins grey) a KWM-2A cabinet and trim ring.  The trim ring is
metal with the seam at the bottom.  They have both been painted a grey that
is considerably darker than the "correct" shade (is this something the
military did?  This one appears to be ex-military) and the paint on both is
in absolutely abominable shape with labels painted on and residue from
stickers here and there.

The closer to the US Northeast, the better, but farther away (in CONUS) is
OK too.

If you prefer to reply privately, replies to wa1rkt@xxxxxxxxxxx are welcome.


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