Re: {Collins} KWS-1 mic - variability of D-104


I have several D-104 mics that I am currently using with a 32V3 (and if I
ever get the restoration project finished, will be used with my KWS-1).
They all sound different. The reason, as I understand it, is that the
Rochelle salt crystals in the mics age differently, and they are
particularly susceptible to changes due to infiltrated moisture from humid
air over the long term. The most frequent symptom of the change is loss of
low frequency response making the sound very "tinny". I have the same
problem; only one of my four (not unexpectedly, the newest) sounds decent. 

Does any one on the list know a process for re-constituting old crystal
elements or does anyone know a source of new or at least newer D-104
compatible crystal elements?  One can go on eBay and buy obviously newer
D-104 mics made for CB use - there always a dozen or so on offer, but that
means buying the whole mic and not just the element. The W2ENY replacement
element that is advertised on eBay is a low impedance electret. 


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Hello all on the list


My KWS-1 has been sounding sick with a hum. Seems my EV638 mic has died.

Tried 3 different D-104 mics  and they all sound different also? One sounds
real sweet!

The other 2 are only OK.


What mics are you KWS-1 owners using now days?  New or old mics?


Thanks from North Dakota


Teran Hermanson




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