Re: {Collins} KWS-1 mic

Here is another suggestion. 
I believe that the original development work on the KWS-1 was done with an
EV 605 Hi Z mic. This mic was used in most of the KWS-1 promo photos and
that is what I use in my two KWS-1 positions. Reported audio has always been

It is also a very nice looking mic on your desk.

Have fun, Bill

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Hello all on the list


My KWS-1 has been sounding sick with a hum. Seems my EV638 mic has died.

Tried 3 different D-104 mics  and they all sound different also? One sounds
real sweet!

The other 2 are only OK.


What mics are you KWS-1 owners using now days?  New or old mics?


Thanks from North Dakota


Teran Hermanson




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