Re: {Collins} KWM-2 from NEAR-Fest

OK, time for an update...  :-P

I just finished up cleaning all of the crud from the inside of the
unit.  Lots of debris, as well as "smoker" residue.  That is all
gone now.

I also took apart the variable cap "shelf" in the cage to get the
caps out for a good cleaning.  This was the thing holding me up, as
I really didn't want to restring them.  Fortunately, I figured out
a simple way to fix then together as one unit with a modified paint
stirrer and some "zip-ties".  (I took pictures, so you'll be able
to see them when I put them up on my KWM-2 refurbish page.  Underway.)

Everything is now back together, and I'm going to do a bunch of
measurements before I apply power.  I got a PM-2, which needs some
work (of course), to power it so I don't need to share the 516F-2 I
have for my 32S-1.

That's about it for now.


- Mark  N1VQW

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