Re: {Collins} 32S-1 / 75S-1 maiden voyage

Hi Mark:
Great job on getting your S-Line up and on the air!  I have been down that same road and enjoyed every minute!
Got my Gold Dust Twins up and running and am pleased with that, since early November.

Find yourself a 30L-1 and everyone will hear you fine!  Happy that you appreciate vacuum tubes!!
Best Regards,
Chuck. W9KR

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> On Dec 23, 2014, at 4:58 PM, Mark Pilant <n1vqw@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I had some fun this past weekend giving my newly refurbished S-Line
> a trial on the air.  The 75S-1 wasn't all that exciting as I have
> used it a bit prior, but as a stand-alone using.  Now it is all
> set as a transceiver with my 32S_1 and all the appropriate cables.
> First out was the CCA net.  I tried to join in the pre-net show, but
> I guess no one heard me :-)  During the regular net, Steve (W7JSC) was
> about to hear me in Cheyenne, WY but did comment the signal was not
> very strong.  This is a bit strange as the 32S-1 is freshly aligned
> (by the book) and a new set of finals.  (I'm going to check the 6CL6
> driver as a starting point.)  Altogether, not bad from southern New
> Hampshire :-)
> Later Sunday evening, I joined in a local 10m net to try the rigs
> on another band.  The only problem I noticed was the oscillator for
> the band (28.4 - 28.6 MHz) would only work if V2 were "jiggled".  I
> need to look into this.  (It works fine on all other bands.)  I have
> already cleaned the tube socket / pins as well as the crystal socket
> and pins of the band crystal.
> The nice thing was everyone on the local net said the signal sounded
> very nice.  So I guess the combo of the Shure 444 and the 32S-1 is a
> good one :-) :-)  This also would seem to indicate there isn't anything
> major wrong with the transmitter.
> Anyway, that's about it for now.
> Back to my other projects: my KWM-2 and and SDR transceiver I'm playing
> around with.... from one end to the other :-)
> 73
> - Mark  N1VQW
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